alright I'll do one of these for real calm down

Let's Go Pikachu Any% but Good This Time

Last year I realised that I'd been running Let's Go off the SD card the entire time, which if you don't know, is slow and bad. My 3:10 run has way better execution than my current 3:08 PB, but the PB is on digital and had a better Starmie so it won out. Let's Go is really frustrating to me in a lot of ways – it's got all the nightmare RNG of other runs but I have to actually think during it gross – but I'm gonna try to get a sub-3:05. Or maybe I'll just get frustrated again and not.

o r a s

3:07 pls ty

Kalos Roller Derby

X/Y movement fun. Probably not gonna grind this too much since the early game is a nightmare but so far I'm enjoying it so we'll see?

Corvimae in Mathemagic Land

A lot more people are using Ranger than they were even a few months ago, and there's a lot of stuff that I want to improve about it.

  • More quality of life features for the experience router. Also, auto-saving in local storage so that you don't have experience-route(55).json in your downloads by the time you're done.
  • Rolling deploys and fallback in Kubernetes (this should be easy why haven't I done this already honestly).
  • legends arceus math oh no pls help
  • Video tutorials on how to write routes. I honestly feel like I did a good job with the documentation, but routefiles are complicated. The main barrier to this is that I'm historically an awful teacher, so I might try to get some help with this.


when i fall asleep my dreams are haunted by dsjs. i see visions of a front-flip followed by a second front-flip, a ghastly portent of times long forgotten and yet await. sometimes the second front-flip is not a front-flip at all, but rather two jumps, a total of three harrowing increases of y position. such thoughts are best left unmentioned, lest the madness take root.

Something Else?

idk I'd like to learn something shorter this year. I keep buying stuff to run and then just going back to what's comfortable so, uh, we'll see.

The Not Speedrun Section

Thank you to everyone who watched this year, I absolutely would've burnt out had it not been for my wonderful community! I've said many times that I'm not a fan of offline runs, and it's because talking with chat keeps me from getting bored playing the same stupid eight minutes of ORAS over and over again. I'd say I have big plans for the following year but that would imply that I don't just do stuff when it pops into my head on a whim.

also shoutout to everyone who had their queer awakening in 2021 thanks to my discord's rant channel lmfao gotem